Rehabilitation Services
Therapies for recovery and rehabilitation

Recovery may mean rehabilitation.  Using exercise, massage and other therapeutic approaches, our therapists work with those recuperating from illness or injury. 


Physical Therapy


Registered Physical Therapists design programs to help the patient gain mobility, strength, balance and coordination.  To restore patient independence, Physical Therapists teach special techniques for walking, climbing stairs and moving safely within the home.


Occupational Therapy


Licensed Occupational Therapists design programs to help the patient improve their daily living skills.  Occupational Therapists focus on self-help and home making skills (meal preparation, eating, bathing, dressing) as well as home safety to maximize each patientís ability for self care.


Speech Therapy


Licensed Speech Language Pathologists design programs to restore or improve communication skills resulting from an injury or stroke.  Speech Language Pathologists also teach safe and appropriate swallowing and muscle control techniques for clients with swallowing disorders.


Unicare Recovery and rehabilitation services